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Apk Education seeks better future to our Indian Youth for the upbringing of our nation. Our aim is to become a developed nation from a developing one.


Apk Education seeks a better future for our Indian Youth for the upbringing of our nation. We aim to become a developed nation from a developing one.


The main aim of Apk Education is to fill the gap, to meet the heights of the developed nations. We will also provide the knowledge of certain new technologies so that you can reach up to your height.


Apk Education belief in action. We work very hard for our students so that they reach a peak and make our country proud. We believe that we will upgrade the lifestyle of our students and their families.

Asked Questions

Apk Education is simply an organization whose aim is to give employment to Indian youth in different sectors.

We are the helping hands for the people so that they have a safe and secure future. We are always ready to clear their queries.

Japanese Books, Japanese language materials, Japanese culture.
You will have benefits when you return back from Japan. You will have an high salary and you can do certain courses along with the job which will increase your skills and academics.
Yes, if there will be an genuine emergency then they can provide you the leaves.
Basically , You will get the training of N5 level which you will definitely clear as you will get the training of 6 months for it.
Yes, the accommodation will be provided to you but certain amount for accommodation will be deducted from your salary.
There may be certain conditions or situations where certain amount may be refundable.
The certification of JLPT will be provided to you after the training is over.
It will depend on your performance if you work properly there so no company will fire you .
Yes, we are always there to help you for your clarification.
You will be trained in such a way that you can easily adjustable in that environment.

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